Blockchain Lab

The Use Case

Crowdfunding is currently a service that is not offered by many financial institutions due to the difficulty in managing the value exchange written in the contract. Accountability is also a concern when dealing with large scale crowdfunding.
A blockchain based platform could facilitate a crowdfunding network. Given a blockchain's capacity to allow for a large number of users, it would be a perfect fit. Also given the open nature of a distributed ledger, this would greatly aid in transparancy of the transaction for all parties.

How It Could Work

John wants to diversify his portfolio risk and is keen to invest his money in something different. Currently there is no avenue for him to lend money based on his risk appetite, and he is left with having to invest his money into an exchange traded fund(ETF).
A blockchain based lending platform would provide John with an avenue to lend money based on his risk profile. This would be a better alternative than current peer to peer lending platforms as the smart contract would ensure he gets his return on a predetermined.